Life gets busy, apartments get dirty. Let our conciergerie service help by providing highly-trained ayis (cleaning ladies) to maintain your home.

Zen Pack

What is the Zen Pack? It’s your apartment fully furnished and equipped: WiFi, cutlery, bedding (incl. duvet, pillows, bedsheets, and towels), and the water & gas bills all paid directly by YÔGA. The cost is +500RMB/month added directly to the rental fee.

WiFi, TV

WiFi, TVs, or other electronics: let us refer our intallers to you. No stress, no hassle.

Police Registration

Mandatory police registration (required within 24 hours of move-in) is one of those things you must do in China. We can assist you with the process to ensure everything remains legal and safe.

House Security

o Shanghai is an extremely safe city. Still, we can provide cameras and other security equipment to guarantee you and your belongings remain secure.

Pest Control

Pests: it’s not pretty, but sometimes it happens. If you have a problem, we can help you solve it.

AirBnB service

Offset the costs of your vacations. If you’re going on holiday and want to rent your apartment as an AirBnB, we can make it happen legally.

Housing water and air filter

Water filters for faucets, showers, laundry, and drinking. Air filters for clean, fresh air.

Airport pick-up

Haven’t arrived to Shanghai yet? We can arrange a driver to pick you up and bring you directly to your new apartment.

Consulting and Visa

Want to transfer your student visa to a working visa? Want to change jobs? Just confused about the visa process in general? We have trusted agents who can make it seem simple.

Chinese Classes

Learning Chinese is tough, but having a good teacher makes all the difference in the world. We partner with language schools to offer high-quality language training at all levels.

Moving and Packing (local and international)

We can arrange relocation for local and international moves through our relationships with moving companies as well as cleaning and tidying services. Whatever your needs, we can make your move convenient.

Pet sitting

If you’re going on holiday and can’t take Fido, we can organize pet sitting services for the duration of your trip.

Translation Service

Need documents translated? Tell us and we can help you find the right people for the job.

Bike Rental

For short-term residents of Shanghai, buying a scooter might not be worth it. Still, it’s a great experience to have, so we can put you in touch with a trusted scooter rental company to make your life here even more convenient.

Bike Tour

There is no better way to get to know the city just after you’ve arrived than a professional bike tour from people who live and breathe Shanghai’s history.

Health Insurance

Need insurance? There are a few companies that we recommend above the others. Ask us and we’ll give you the best company based on your situation.

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