Rent a room or an apartment

Looking to rent a room or an apartment in Shanghai? Here is a quick and complete guide on how to.

Are you getting ready to move to China and in a rush to find your new home sweet home? Check out our list on how to rent a room or an apartment in Shanghai:

  • How to avoid common local scams
  • Where to look for listings online
  • Where to stay before finding your new home
  • Room or apartment
  • The pros of going through an agency
  • Which are the best areas to live in Shanghai

Avoid common local scams

  1. Don’t pay more than 1,5 month deposit
  2. Get a contract, read it and check that everything is written
  3. Always ask for a receipt
  4. If you don’t want an agency avoid signing a contract with a landlord that is not in China.

Online listings

One easy way, which we would recommend is joining communitarian websites such as Facebook groups or SmartShanghai

Where to stay while your searching / visiting

An easy way would be to check in into a hotel or hostel. Or another quick and easy way, you can daily book with us through out Airbnb, Booking or TripAdvisor. We have holiday rental apartments that are fully furnished and equipped with hotel like service.

Room or apartment

Rooms: International shared flats are one of the best ways to meet new people and to work on a new language! In this contract you’ll have to be the one to find a replacement to get your deposit back.
Apartments: Fully equipped and fully furnished apartments that have 1 to 8 rooms, in which you do not need to find a remplacement.

The pros of going through an agency

Give us your features, your budget, we are here for you! Moving to a new country can be a hassle, our team’s main goal is to make your stay go as easily and smoothly as possible. We have expert knowledge of Shanghai’s real estate market. Our number one priority is to understand your needs and provide you full on services:
– Book it in advance
– Apartment meeting the standards you are accustomed to
– Targeted neighborhoods
– Contracts in both languages
– Following up – contact us when you need us
– Check out

Living in Shanghai

Many people will choose their location in order to be close to their work or school. Other people prefer to live in in the city centre so they can be closer to expat friends and western bars and restaurants. Check out our 11 steps guide on how to quickly get settled in Shanghai

rent a room or an apartment