A short-term contract allows students, interns and business people to rent an apartment for a few months without worrying about losing the deposit or finding a replacement! You‘ll be able to experience a stress-free stay! From the day you contact us until the day you leave; we will be there every step of the way!

YOGA has created an amazing ZEN PACKAGE which allow you to enjoy a fully furnished apartment. Have a look !!!

Price : 250 RMB per month per room.


Address: Located on the 11th floor of a safe compound with 24/7 building manager on 58 Shun de lu. You will have access to the metro L1/L12/L13 Hanzhong road. Shanghai metro map is available here.

District: This apartment is close to everything. It is an animated neighbourhood, where you'll easily have access to great local and western restaurants and bars. Close by, you'll find convenience stores and markets.

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