What is YÔGA ?

YOGA REAL ESTATE  is an organization which makes easier the arrival of expats, students or business man  in shanghai city by offering affordable, comfortable and furnished apartments, for a short to a long period of time. We are here for you!

Who is behind YÔGA Real Estate ?

Created in 2012, we have quickly become one of the #1 referenced real estate agency for expats, students and businessmen in Shanghai. We own the biggest, city center apartments, database in Shanghai.
We provide a full range of real estate consulting services. We combine Shanghai’s real estate market knowledge with a selected group of experienced experts making it our priority to understand the specific needs of our clients and provide tailor-made services. We are here for you!

How does housing insurance work ?

Property insurance is not a common concept in Chinese Property law. Your contract covers your interests from Force Majeure with a clause but not from intentional or accidental harm to the property by the tenants.

What fees do you charge?

We charge an agency fee of 35% of the first month’s rent.

How do I pay the monthly rent? And what paper do i need to sign my contract ?

You can either come directly to the agency, wechat, alipay or by bank transfer with your Chinese bank account. All you need is your passport to sign a lease .

Square meters

In China, the average square meter is more or less 30% smaller. The photos and the apartment descriptions may seem bigger than you think.


I have a question about a listing, who should I contact?

We are glad to help you! If you have any questions concerning our apartments or rooms please contact us here or add us on WeChat!

Can I look at places in person before I book?

If you are interested in visiting apartments or a rooms, before renting, you can come by the agency and we will take you to visit your listings.

Can I book before arriving in China?

Yes you can, select the apartments or rooms, you are interested, send them to us and we’ll explain the full procedure to you.

I am not satisfy with my booking, can I get a refund ?

If you book before you arrive, when you arrive you have 2 days where you can get a refund or change an apartment. Peace of Mind !!!!

How do I get the keys to my new place ?

Upon signing your contract, you will be given password to get in your new place. Technological and practical, your code allows you to enter your apartment or room.

What happens if there is a problem in my apartment or my room ?

YÔGA’s Customer Service Department will gladly answer any questions you might have about your apartment, through your apartment WeChat group.
In emergencies, our staff will need to use the emergency key or code to enter the apartments in case something needs fixing.


Is a deposit required when renting an apartment ?

Yes, a deposit is required when renting an apartment. The amount of the deposit will depends on the length of your stay.

What is the minimum lenght of contract at YÔGA ?

You can sign for a contract for the length you want, from one day till forever. Thus, you will easily recover your deposit at the end of your stay. However if you leave the apartment before the end of the contract, you will have to find a replacement for the apartment, or you may loose your deposit.

What's include in the rent ? utility fees ?

The monthly rent includes all the necessary furnitures however In China, those bills are not included in the contract but those are already set up :

  • water : not include but already set up
  • gaz : not include but already set up
  • electricity : not include but already set up
  • WIFI : not include but already set up

Per month these fees can go from 100RMB to 500RMB depending on the seasons or if you keep the AC/heating 24h7 or you can choose or zen package.

What's the zen package of YÔGA ?


A short-term contract allows students, interns and business people to rent an apartment for a few months without worrying about losing the deposit or finding a replacement! You‘ll be able to experience a stress-free stay! From the day you contact us until the day you leave; we will be there every step of the way!

YOGA has created an amazing ZEN PACKAGE which allow you to enjoy a fully furnished apartment. Have a look !!!

Price : 250 RMB per month per room.


Is a deposit required when renting a room ?

Yes, a deposit equal to the 1.5 month rent is required for the furniture when booking the room. You will make the deposit via bank transfer, wechat or alipay

What kind of contract do i sign for a room ? Open ended contract ?

For a room, you will have to sign an open ended contract, the most common contract for a room in Shanghai.

An open-ended contract means that there is no fixed end-date. You will need to find a replacement to take over your room before you move out.

If you find a replacement you will get your deposit back from the new tenant, if you don’t find a replacement the landlord will give you half month back and you will lose 1 month rent for some rooms or the landlord will keep your deposit.

We cannot guarantee you that you will find a replacement but according to our expertise the chance of finding a replacement is good. Accommodation rentals are always in high demand here. We can also actively help you by posting it on YÔGA ‘s  social media channels

What is include of my rent for a room ?

When you take a room, the price of the rent include fully furnished apartment, room fully equipped (bedsheets, closet, ac, desk, lock…), unlimited wifi, assistance and Maintenance. The utility fees of water gas and electricity will be share between the roommates.

Who will be my roommates ?

In most of our apartments, their will be  students, young professionals, interns who just stay in shanghai for a semester or one year; hence we can’t say precisely  in advance who will stay in the apartment.the gender and the nationality of the roommate is written on the apartment’s ad.